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Our approach to employee benefits is a little different than most. We know you have a lot on your plate, which is why we tackle the whole process from start to finish. We listen to what you want to accomplish and develop a program to meet those needs. We then implement your benefits and back them up with technology that makes administering them a breeze.


It all starts with design.

We’ll work with you to design an employee benefit solution that best meets your needs – and the needs of your employees. As your trusted partner and an employee benefits specialist, we will:

  • Talk with you to truly understand and address your specific insurance and benefit needs.

  • Conduct a complete market search and request quotes from top carriers to ensure quality, affordable plans and solutions.

  • Report market results and provide recommendations to help make adjustments to your program to yield even better results.

  • Assist in completing the required contracts.


A smooth implementation makes all the difference.

After developing your benefit program, we’ll take it from there by handling the entire implementation and communication to lighten your load and make the process simple. That means we’ll take care of:

  • Pre-enrollment: We’ll help plan and implement the pre-enrollment process to make your job easier, including scheduling, developing a communication plan and determining the best enrollment strategy to use. Whether it’s online, face-to-face or via call center, we’re here to help!

  • Benefit meetings: The majority of employees want more personalized information and advice to help them when making selections during the enrollment process.1 By holding onsite group and individual meetings, we’ll communicate in-person to help your employees understand the valuable benefits and choices you’re offering.

  • Enrollment: Today’s workforce is not only multi-generational, but often dispersed, which means multiple enrollment methods are often necessary to meet employees where they are. We offer several, including:

              - Online

              - Call center

              - In-person

  • Bi-lingual: Our professional enrollment staff includes bi-lingual capabilities to ensure all employees have the same access to information and understand their choice in benefits.

  • Customer service: We know when it comes to benefits, employees often have questions – especially when they need to use them. That’s why we provide access to customer service via phone or through our website to make sure your employees can get the answers they need when they need them.

  • Ongoing enrollments: We’ll also hold periodic re-enrollments to ensure any new employees have a chance to take advantage of the benefits you offer.

  • Benefit statements: Helping employees understand their entire benefits package is key to building trust and demonstrating how much you care about their overall well-being, which is where benefit statements come into play.

  • Technology setup and training: We’ll make sure your web-based benefits administration system is up and running – and that you understand how to use it. This makes it easy to keep up with administration of your employees’ benefits year-round.


Ongoing strategic planning is key for ongoing success.

Just because your enrollment is over, doesn’t mean our partnership ends. We’ll be there with you throughout the year to continue to assess and modify your program to meet your needs, including:

  • Conducting an annual review of all the benefits you have in place.

  • Providing consolidated billing for all plans to remove the administrative headaches often associated with billing and free up your time.

  • Human resource consulting and services to serve as an extension of your team.

Drury Insurance Group is not just an organization – we’re people who are dedicated to serving you and your employees. And we make the entire process seamless and easy.

Schedule time to talk with one of our benefits consultants today.

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