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Proper Hydration Will Change Your Health by Charles Pareigis (June 22, 2018)


The summer sun is shining, the outdoor fun has begun, and National Hydration Day happens to fall during June! So how does your brain function with the proper amount of H2O? At full speed!


When you give your body the amount of water it needs, you will think faster, be able to concentrate longer and experience clarity.

  • How much water does the human body contain? More than 60 percent!

  • But, how much water does the human brain contain? 75 percent!


Here are some of the benefits of proper hydration.

  • Drinking extra water can burn calories, helping you lose weight. Especially cold water!

  • Drinking a glass of water before a meal can prevent overeating.

  • More water means increased creativity, clarity and concentration.

  • Hydration is equal to better sleep, clearer skin, and balanced mood and emotions.


How much water should you drink on a daily basis to see amazing results?

The National Academy of Sciences recommends drinking between 11 to 16 cups of water per day. But, the actual amount you need to consume is based on many factors, including activity level, height and weight. If you want to calculate how much water (to the ounce) you should drink daily, check out this handy water calculator.


When it comes to your hydration goal, take into consideration caffeinated and alcoholic beverages. These beverages dehydrate you. For every non-hydrating drink consumed, squeeze in an extra glass of water beyond your daily goal.


It’s hard to argue with the benefits of hydration.


So how can we make proper hydration part of our daily routine?

Here are a few ideas:

  • Set an alarm on your phone that reminds you to drink water throughout the day.

  • Drink a glass of water first thing in the morning. (Yes, even before coffee).

  • Buy a new reusable water bottle you'll enjoy carrying with you.


Your health and wellness don’t have to suffer just because the summer fun is underway! Stay hydrated, and let us know if you feel a difference! Have a great National Hydration Day.

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